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"America First" message in World Economic Forum


President Trump attended World Economic Forum in Davos, the world’s most iconic display of elite-driven globalization.  Thousands of leaders in business, finance, politics and civic society gather to schmooze and strike deals intended to break down economic barriers between nations and make global community more connection.

In Davos, Trump speech focused on following to deliver America First message:

The United States Commits to Global Growth and Prosperity: As the largest economy, the United States has the responsibility to rectify its domestic affairs.  As the U.S. economy grows, the global economy will also grow.  In terms of fiscal policy, Trump advocated tax cuts and reducing social welfare to prevent the United States from moving over-reliance on welfare and unhealthy political environment.  For financial order, Trump advocated reduction of restrictive regulatory environments, particularly in banking.  Both policies save billion in regulatory costs.

Trump government supports free and open trade, but it must at the same time be fair and mutually beneficial trade.  The global economy is going to flourish. All countries must abide by the rules.  Trump’s America First policy, which protecting employment, advocated controlling immigration and encouraging manufacturing investment back to United States.  Protecting Americans’ employment opportunities, fair trade agreement and promote the development of the US export industry for not to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The reform of the leaders of all countries must not mean abandonment of the international economic system.  The goal of the United States is to improve the system so that it will shoulder greater responsibilities and improve efficiency, which will enable the global economy to serve all sovereign states.

Monetary policy, Trump advocated a gradual rate hike, to give up the strong dollar policy which is help US exports and attract funds back to the United Sates.

Trump’s policy and practices on tax reform, trade agreement and monetary policy all shows Trump government encouraging companies to bring their money back to US to make economy much stronger to prove his America First.

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