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FIFA World Cup Russia


2018 The world's crazy event is FIFA World Cup Russia.  This year, five continents are represented and 32 qualified teams competing for the title.  At the end of the game, France defeated the tough Croatia in 4-2 and won the 2018 World Cup final at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.  This is the second time France has won World Cup championship; the last time was 1998 World Cup in France.  The team of the French is very young, 14 of them participated in the World Cup for the first time, but they really know how to attack opponent. Individual talent, guts and team work let them win the world championship.  On the other hand, this year's genius players who created classic scenes - such as five times World Footballer's Lionel Messi in Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal, or Neymar in Brazil - their teams are out early and disappoint many fans who like them. This almost symbolizes a major trend in this World Cup: defense is king and offense is on the side.

The viewers pay attention to the skills and values ​​of the stars of the countries, but the enterprise is estimating the economic benefits of the World Cup.  For the host country, Russia, employment opportunities increased 130 million for the construction and renovation of stadiums to promote employment.  The economic benefit estimate of $31 billion comes from tourism, restaurants and dining business opportunities.  Russian capital expects up to 1 million fans and international tourism from different countries visit Russia during the FIFA World Cup to join the event.

The FIFA World Cup is the globe’s biggest sporting event, and is most watched game in the world.  The FIFA World Cup was first held in 1930, the FIFA International Football Association has been running the World Cup competition for more than 80 years.  With the prosperity of the world economy, the improvement of football skill standards, the increase of competitions, the use of television and satellite technology, the scale of football commercialization is getting bigger and bigger, and the number of business models is increasing and the scope is becoming wider and wider. Inside and outside the stadium, thousands of dollars of transactions have widely stimulated the development of the world economy.  It has made the World Cup football more unprecedented, making the host country profit billions of dollars, making the football star money, and even making international football.   Large companies will also actively compete for limited sponsorships, and the World Cup has become a huge global business.  However, how long this effect will last depends on the subsequent operations of each company and the advertising effect.

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