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The Effect of Climate change and Global Warming


Climate change and Global Warming has always been an important issue of global concern. This is about the sustainable development of all countries and the survival of mankind. The ecological environment is rapidly deteriorating. Countries around the world are generally aware that it is necessary and urgent to combat global warming, water resources, environmental pollution, and climate change.

The extreme events of climate change are increasing, the intensity of typhoon rainfall is increasing, the pattern of rainfall changes, the frequency and intensity of drought increase and the treat of sea level rises. The threat of climate change has caused floods, slopes and coastal disasters in various countries.

Natural disasters in various countries so far this year:

United Kingdom: 48 days of lack of rain, hot weather
Japan: winter snow, strong earthquakes, heavy rains, hot summers, super typhoons
Greece and Sweden: wildfires
China: Floods and floods in many cities and outbreaks of earth and stone
Australia: stormy
Canada: Super Snow
United States: Strong hurricanes, wildfires, hail, flash floods, tornadoes and droughts

There are also earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding threats in other countries.

Climate Change and Global Warming are different threats to countries. As the temperature rises, the cold winters of the northern countries turn into pleasant seasons, real estate values rise, and economic growth.

Advanced countries or densely populated cities causes climate change, but the victims are far away in remote corners of the world, such as Africa, the deserts of the Middle East.  The climate is already hot; however, the temperature continues to rise, and making it even more uninhabitable. 

In Oceania or the small Caribbean countries, when the sea level rises by one meter, the land area is immediately halved.

Therefore, everyone need to stop waiting for others to act and be willing to do everything they can to mitigate emissions and hasten the energy transition, environmental protection, Pollution Prevention regardless of what others are doing. Love our planet!

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