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The world's two major e-commerce leaders Amazon and Alibaba, the annual November 11 and Christmas holiday online order surged, the annual growth trend of e-commerce sales can see the obvious growth potential. In recent years, both Amazon and Alibaba have stepped up their efforts to extend to the consumer market of Japan, South Korea and Australia, which have perfect equipment and mature commodity law exhibitions, and seize market position.

Will the future development of e-commerce continue? The answer is Yes. Global e-commerce still has huge potential for development.

The global financial system has moved towards digital mobilization; global wealth is continuous growing, and network without country borders.

Two leading e-commerce companies Alibaba and Amazon currently occupy Mainland China Market and Western Market (European and American regions) respectively. They use the overseas expansion strategy to operate markets in different regions and to diversify their revenue streams.

E-commerce has accelerated the flow of global trade, making the “World” business become relatively convenient and simple. In the past may only be able to participate in overseas agents through exhibitions. Now, as a manufacturer, there are more channels to communicate directly with consumers and develop their own businesses, and accept more groups.

In order to enable e-commerce to continue to lead in the competition, in addition to the "customer-centric" to provide the services and products they need for different customer groups, the entire e-commerce package makes sales more convenient and can not be ignored, for example, Artificial Intelligence(AI) based automation tools make business more efficient and cost-effective; voice searching services; mobile payment functions; Augmented reality(AR) enhanced real-world effects; Package fast arrivals; blockchain and cryptocurrency applications.

E-commerce is an important symbolic representative of the new generation. E-commerce is developing in all aspects through the sales orientation without borders. Establish a full range of services for future life, future education, future communications, future healthcare, future entertainment, and more.  The world village will become a situation that will inevitably be realized gradually! By that time, everyone can buy the world through one finger!

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