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Safeguard Your Personal Data


The new generation has begun, and now the most powerful weapon except nuclear weapons is the connection to the Internet.  Countries that dominate the 5G mobile network will gain economic, intelligence and military advantages in this century.  Huawei have the 5G mobile network leading technology.  However, Huawei incident has triggered global concern about individual capital. It is worried that Huawei's equipment and products may be used to monitor companies and individuals.  Several countries prohibit government departments to use Huawei mobile phones. 

It is possible that:


  1. Internet records, such as browsing websites, Yahoo, Facebook, Google
  2. Bank information, policies, loans and related information
  3. Medical records, cases, medical records and medical payment records
  4. Behavioral records, eating habits, interest preferences, and types of friends, etc.


  1. Satellite record
  2. Meteorological record
  3. Ballistic test record
  4. Positioning record

In today's society, with the development of science and technology, information can be quickly circulated and access is easier.  However, while enjoying these conveniences, it is also necessary to bear the risk that the funds are easily leaked or even improperly used.  In recent years, fraudulent groups have slandered, and the public's personal capital has often been used by illegal groups.  Fraud cases have repeatedly appeared.  Therefore, the issue of personal data protection has received increasing attention.

Personal capital and privacy are becoming more and more important, but we ourselves must be smart enough to protect our own personal information from being stolen by unscrupulous groups and illegally using it.  When you enjoy the freedom of the Internet, you should also be cautious in dealing with Internet personal data protection issues.  Be More Secure Online!

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