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Trump-Kim Vietnam Summit Breakdown!


summit between Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ended up breaks down without agreement. The meeting broke because the North Korea did not plan to end the entire nuclear apparatus that the United States wants.  United States is unwilling to relieve entirety economic sanctions against North Korea. They have different perceptions of " Denuclearization", and United States is seriously on denuclearization issue, and North Korea’s Foreign Minister admits that they only willing to remove of the Yongbyon nuclear facility as denuclearization if the US remove all sanction.  It seems that North Korea’s economic development will have to wait.  Now is the great moment and best time for North Korea to fully open up and develop its economy.  However, Kim Jong-un knows that nuclear weapons are the root of life and their bargaining chip which cannot be traded casually.  Therefore, the summit failed!

Trump-Kim Vietnam summit Breakdown impact

North Korea

Trump-Kim Vietnam summit breakdown; however, this meeting seems like a victory for Kim Jong-un.  Although, failed to reach a deal on the extent of sanctions relief North Korea would get in exchange for steps to give up its nuclear program.   Kim Jong-un did not promise to fully denuclearize, did not give up anything for nuclear matters, and successfully extended the negotiation process.  Continue to improve North Korea’s nuclear and missile capabilities, also promote North Korea’s position in the international community, let everyone treat North Korea as a nuclear power can influence whether fragile diplomacy, normalize North Korea’s parity with the United States, and want world focus on Kim and North Korea.  But North Korea future development on economic sanctions has not yet been lifted they only left nuclear weapons.  Therefore, their global integration has to wait for the next opportunity.

South Korea

South Korea’s stock market has been plummeting after the breakdown on summit.  If the United States signs an agreement with North Korea, peace and reunification for the future of North and South Korea will probably go further.  North Korea’s population with relatively low-cost on labor market believe or not that South Korea’s hopes to get it, but unfortunately, according to the current situation everyone shall hold.  North Korea does not give up nuclear weapons, so South Korea’s military expenditures cannot be reduced, and it can only wait until next opportunity that United States and South Korea meet. 


If North Korea cooperates with the United States, Japan’s position in Asia is relatively squeezed, and Trump said that if North Korea denuclearization, Japan will provide economic assistance to North Korea.  However, conservatives in Japan hold opposing opinions, so the political opinions will have to go to negotiation inevitably continue.


Whether the China interfered with the entire negotiations in the back led to the break of the US and North Korea summit?  Last year, Kim Jong-Un and Xi Jin-Ping has been met many times, whether it will affect this summit on issue of denuclearization and sanctions relief.  After the summit broke down, United States immediately asked China to lift tariffs on US agricultural products.  End of March, the United States and China engaged in constructive consultations regarding trade, US shall expand more pressure on China, the wrestling battle between two countries will continue.

What to look forward to in the future

North Korea’s renunciation of nuclear weapons is currently impossible, and only continuous development will have the chips and opportunity to negotiate with the major countries.  The United States which has full hand of chips, but has not signed an inequality agreement although North Korea agree to abandon part of nuclear weapons.  However, the two countries did not speak out after the meeting, so we can look forward to the next time that two are meeting.

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