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Russia Summit: Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin


After the failure of the 2nd Trump-Kim Summit, North Korea did not want to completely abandon its nuclear weapons and rely entirely on Beijing. He wanted to find other international allies to counter the US economic sanctions and looking for help as sanctions hurt North Korea’s economic -and that is Russia Vladimir Putin.  Russian Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meet at Russky Island in Vladivostok on the April 25 to hold the first summit. For Russia and North Korea, the two countries face a similar international environment and their relationship with the United States. There are also many similarities in the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The meeting discussed issues such as economic cooperation, denuclearization and relaxation of sanctions.

Trade and Economic Cooperation

North Korea’s labor dispatched to Russia is an important source of North Korean foreign exchange. World powers continue to punish North Korea with economic sanctions, but it is unclear whether the pressure will push Pyongyang toward denuclearization. According to UN Security Council sanctions against North Korea, by the end of this year, North Korean workers should be completely evacuated from Russia.  However, Kim wish North Korea workers can continue to stay in Russia.  Putin’s desire to vigorously promote the "Turn to the East" policy is also inseparable from North Korea. Currently the relationship between Russia and the United States are become subtle, developing relations with North Korea can enhance Russia’s influence on Korean Peninsula affairs.

Denuclearization measures and relaxation of sanctions

Russia has always been one of the countries that provide North Korean crude oil. Although it is difficult for Russia-DPRK economic and trade cooperation to completely break through the framework of the UN Security Council sanctions against North Korea.  However, Putin said after the meeting that Russia will continue to work to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Russia believes that if the United States continues to impose sanctions on North Korea, it may be counterproductive and will attack North Korea’s willingness and confidence in denuclearization. To a certain extent, the Putin will affect the United States that to lower the threshold of dialogue to the DPRK and urge two sides to resume dialogue.

There was no substantial breakthrough and did not sign any joint statement after the summit. For the demand of Kim Jong-un, Russia did not commitment anything in open public regarding to give North Korea financial assistance. Kim Jong-un has promoted his international image by take the diplomatic trips, and has further enhanced his position in the eyes of the Korean people.  Active diplomacy which shows to United States that his allies are not only China. Russia’s position on the complete denuclearization is consistent with the United States’ position and is consistent with UN Security Council.  This summit allowed Russia Mr. Putin to explain to the world that he can play an important key role in efforts to restart the nuclear negotiations, and increase the influence in reginal politics and the standoff over North Korea’s nuclear program.

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