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French Election results: Emmanuel Macron victory impact on European


Emmanuel Macron, seen as pro-business and friendly to the concept of the European Union, won the most vote and become the president of France.  Financial markets in brief upswing on Macron victory. The vote effectively eliminates any risk of France leaving the single currency.  The euro rallied strongly after the centrist's victory eased concerns about France's future in the Eurozone, but ceded its gains quickly as nothing's been won yet regarding the country's ailing economy.    

Look at the last decade, and it should be clear to just about everyone that something isn’t quite right. Greece has lost a quarter of its economy, and is back in recession. Italy’s economy is no bigger than it was in 2000. Spain and Ireland boomed, then collapsed, while France has slipped into permanent mass unemployment and low growth.  Moreover, will whether the euroskeptic Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic sign up for more integration. They may peel away — and find ready allies in Switzerland and the UK. 

In the short-term, Macron certainly will provide better version than exists polices regarding EU and eurozone issues. This will give the zone a boost.  .

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