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Classic VS Fast Fashion (McFashion)


Recent years, the fashion industry has appeared McFashion, selling fashion like McDonald's.  Fast fashion provides the latest popular styles and elements, featuring fast, fashionable and trendy, large amount of styles with low price, which stimulates consumers' interest and maximizes the satisfaction of consumers' needs. Fast fashion is the product of social trends of globalization, democratization, youthfulness and networking. Its representatives include H&M, Zara, Gap (clothing), Forever 21, MUJI, GU and UNIQLO.

However, everyone has begun to reverse the "classic", not with the fashion trend, but with a life-oriented, exclusive design, delicate and long-lasting clothing texture, so that ordinary clothes have unlimited possibilities. Through the versatile tailoring, each piece of clothing can be worn by the owner to their own attitude and style; the various type that you can "wear out the classic"!  Its representatives include Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton.

McFasion characteristic

Speed      An important performance of fast fashion is speed.  From the perspective of product development, fast fashion brands have never been the creators of fashion, but the quick responders of fashion. Collect the most popular elements, integrate them, and deliver them to the brand's storefront as quickly as possible, and change new products every week.

Fashion   There are no fixed symbols or pattern, they follow the changes of the trend, target market in young fashion group, the pursuit of fashion clothing and lifestyle, has a unique aesthetic taste. Meet the needs of these groups to capture fashion information from time to time and launch popular clothing at the right time.  In addition, fashion design agencies usually set up fashion locations around the world, collect popular information at any time, and feedback to the headquarters timely and place popular products on the shelves for consumers to buy immediately. Fast response of fashion elements with strategic fashion marketing which collaborate with celebrities to launch a limited edition; emphasize VM (Visual Marketing) to express the brand's fashion proposition and cross-border cooperation.

Parity     The ordinary consumers can affordable.  Satisfies for people to enjoy the design of top brands and fashion with lower price.

More styles, less production   Fast fashion brand products are rich in variety and style.  The combination of different single products to provided consumers a reference to match and meet their diversified.

McFashion Disadvantage

Resources waste which harm to the environment 

For fast fashion clothing, the design and style is popular, fashionable and avant-garde with the relatively low price.  Once these clothes were out of date, they lose their value and become dumped waste, resulted in a waste of resources in raw materials and labor.  Destroys the environment and unfavorable for sustainable development.

Lack and poor independent in creativity fashion design

Lack of independent thinking and design, more like the plagiarism, lacking original design.

Classic Fashion Characteristic

Material and quality well control Premium garments of flawless workmanship in line with international quality standards and requirements.  Top-quality materials and every fiber bear witness to the uncompromising quality consciousness. 

Perfect in Detail      Each detail has been adjusted several times, so that each piece of clothing can be more perfect! 

Tradition with timeless looks Beautiful but simple cuts in clothing, fine natural fabrics, and does not go out of style, you will always look good.

Classic representative: Instantly recognizable, Chanel's most iconic fashion is yet to lose its allure, thanks to its elegant timelessness and versatility. 

Michelangelo Quotes:  " The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection."  Classics or Fast Fashions (McFashion) have their own supporters, no matter what to protect the earth is everyone's responsibility.   Pay attention to another person's intellectual property rights, and prohibit plagiarism. 

Respects to Karl Lagerfeld, one of the fashion world’s most iconic figures.  “I like the discipline of well-cut, impeccable clothes. I think it's a very healthy discipline.”  “It's a very healthy thing to live a high-speed professional life. Ideas come when I’m work. I don't believe in sitting around waiting for information.”  “I had to create, as what I wanted to do didn't exist. I don't think that my advice is that important to them. They have to work, work, work, and I'm sorry but there's no other way.”  All by Karl Lagerfeld

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