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Industry After COVID-19


Under the impact of coronavirus, various countries take part in the work of epidemic prevention.  To prevent emergencies, cities by country have to implement measures such as isolation and quarantine.  Bear the brunt is the transportation industry.  Controlling the arriving and departing passengers, public transportation such as air, cruise, and passenger transportation has a far-reaching impact.  Besides, the tourism, travel, hotel, department store, wedding banquet hall, large restaurant, the entertainment industry (such as a movie theater, KTV). Because of nations were worried about contact with infected people, their willingness to go out decreases.  However, some industries can benefit from the sudden emergence of this coronavirus effect.

Stay at Home Economic

Because of the epidemic situation, people are afraid of gathering in enclosed spaces.  Many companies ask employees to work from home to reduce the risk of getting infected when going out.  Conference call, online courses, and online shopping and entertainment rise also bound to change people's lifestyles.

1. E-commerce service

Because of the risk of infection.  Coronavirus threatens small businesses such as bookstores and restaurants that rely on food traffic but create opportunities for online businesses expansion.  ex. Amazon, Fresh Food Delivery and Delivery service.

2. Online movie entertainment

During epidemic quarantine is the best time to watch movies and TV shows.  Due to the busy schedule, people have been delaying time to watch.  This is the reason online movie and TV program viewing torrent traffic has surpassed in several countries.  ex. Netflix, YouTube, BitTorrent and indoor entertainment

3. Online course

Online services usage has increased significantly including online audio-visual, online food ordering, and online learning.  And online courses are aimed at people who are at home to avoid epidemics.  Some schools even provide scholarships for students who majoring in nursing and education, based on need which affected by the epidemic.  Increase the convenience and safety of online courses.

Safety protection equipment

The nations have a sense of crisis by the unknown virus risk in the future, and worried about being exposed to the sources of infection, so they pay more attention to their own protective equipment and avoids the invisible health.  Enterprises or public areas of the building need to add motion detection personnel health equipment for security protection, infrared body temperature measurement, disinfection protection machine, and access control management system.

Medical Biotechnology

Under the priority of epidemic prevention, biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical-related industries have a good perspective and gaining favor with market capital.  The NASDAQ Biotechnology (NBI) still has a performance of nearly 8% early this year and has become one of the few markets in the world that is positively growth.  It is also one of the important keys to boosting US stocks.  Although the epidemic has gradually decreased, we are not sure whether it will return.  The development of vaccines, drugs, and mass testing technology in various countries cannot delay.

An epidemic turned the global industry around.  How to find the industry momentum strategy and new opportunities in crisis adversity, seize the opportunity to approach the enter the market to invest related profitable industries which has test the wisdom of business managers and investors.

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