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Let your assets work for you - How to fight against risk of retirement?



  • It will get much happier if you have a little more saving

  According to the research, no matter how beautiful the new things are, freshness can only be maintained for up to one year; but economy security can ensure that it will never be overdue. The material consumption needs of the elderly was reduced, deposits can make the elderly to enhance the sense of happiness.

  • To master your income

  Many people regard traditional bonds as way to increasing revenue in the past. However, this kind of traditions way has been unable to overcome the inflation rate anymore. You should begin to search the new fields in order to fight against the inflation rate; consider on fixed income markets, emerging market bonds markets and high quality corporate bonds for seeking higher returns.

  • Try different options.

  You can diversify your portfolio by increasing the proportion of your assets. Such as assets include absolute return funds, real estate commodities. If appropriate co-ordinate with investment strategy, investors will be able to raise Risk-Adjusted Return. However, it also involves with a large investment risk. Therefore, we recommend that you before make any portfolio adjustments, please seek professional advices in advance.

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