Multi-Strategy investment for risk-adjusted returns
Investment Balance

YSI Balance Fund with dynamic asset allocation strategy which multi-layered diversification not only by asset class but also geography, capitalization and investment style. A range of fully diversified portfolio match the market needs.

Aim to achieve capital growth by investing in a broad and balanced portfolio of equity and fixed income instruments. The portfolio seeks to generate excess returns both by varying the weighting between asset classes and by making good selections in equity and fixed income investments. Allocation equities and fixed income based on strong and fundamental valuation strategy process.

Flexible Allocation Diversified

Investment subject allocate included stock, bonds and other diversified assets. The investment portfolio depends on different market environment situation to make investment allocation, to achieve the balance of income and capital growth.

Diversified Earnings

YSI Investment portfolio managers seek potential sources to generate excess performance from variety multiple investments and sectors and types. Bonds included Government bonds; investment grade corporate bonds; high-yield debt and mortgage proceed; Stocks included growth stocks; Small and medium enterprises capital stocks; high-dividend stocks and real estate investment trusts.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Our diversified portfolio with YSI unique Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy, which responded based on market change and found a better balance between in improving the potential returns and management fluctuations. Regularly continuous researching, monitoring and rebalancing the portfolio to ensure the strategies stay on track with rigorous continuous oversight and risk controls.

Portfolio Management


Mr. Liu joined the YSI Group in 2009, focusing on the discovery and identification of independent, investment managers including the analysis of their styles and strategies. Mr. Liu is currently Chief Investment Officer, responsible for ongoing asset allocation, performance monitoring and research and Is a member of the YSI Investment Committee. Prior to joining the YSI Group, Mr. Liu was an audit manager at Ernst & Young in their financial services division. Mr. Liu has an MBA with honors from Columbia University in New York and a BS In accounting from the State University of New York at Albany. Mr. Liu was a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of New York.